1. Internet Use Policy

  2. Homework Policy

  3. Nutrition Policy

1. Internet Use Policy

The students of St. Gregory...

  1. Only students who have the permission of their parents/guardian, in the form of a signed Internet Use Policy, may use the school Internet.

  2. Students may not use the computer lab without teacher supervision.

  3. Students will use the school Internet only under the supervision of a teacher.

  4. The use of the school Internet is for class related research only.

  5. Students are required to use the Computer Lab and the Internet in a responsible manner at all times.

  6. Students are not to download or save any files from the Internet without the prior permission of the classroom teacher.

  7. Students are not to upload or post inappropriate materials onto the Internet.

  8. Suspension of Internet use will be the result of disobeying any of the conditions stated above.

IPod's, Cell Phones and other hand held devices

  • We are well aware that students come to school with their own technology, which we respect. Please review the following rules with regards to hand held device.

  • Students are permitted to have their cell phones; iPod's and other hand held devices at school but must keep them in their bags, turned off, during class time.

  • If they are caught with their hand held device during class, it will be taken away and brought to the office to be picked up at the end of the day.

  • Students have permission to use their devices outside of class time but if are caught bullying or sending inappropriate messages during school hours, privileges will be taken away.

2. Homework Policy

Purpose of Homework

Homework should foster self-discipline, independent thinking, positive family interactions. It also reinforces the concept that learning takes place outside the school, as well as in the classroom.

Homework enables students to learn organizational and time management skills, helps to develop good work and study habits, and offers many opportunities for independent learning.

Teachers assign homework for one of three purposes:

3. Nutrition Policy

In the Classroom

If food is used as part of a celebration, staff members will emphasize foods with nutritional value. Food should not be used as a reward to modify classroom behaviour.

Meetings - School, School Council

If food is served, foods with nutrition value should be emphasized.


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