Nutrition Policy

In the Classroom

If food is used as part of a celebration, staff members will emphasize foods with nutritional value. Food should not be used as a reward to modify classroom behaviour.

Meetings - School, School Council

If food is served, foods with nutrition value should be emphasized.


When food is chosen as the fundraiser item it is recommended that only foods with nutritional value be used. If chocolate bars are sold, sugar must not be the first item on the ingredients list. Bake Sales, candy and chip sales are discouraged.

Special Food Days and Events

Our school will work toward a standard of higher nutritional value for all special events.

Beverage Vending Machines

Only approved fruit juices, or water according to board policy will be stocked. No soft drinks.

Snack Program

The needs of hungry students in the school will be addressed through the use of the Snack Program. The main food selections will be nutritional.

Parent and Community Education

Recognize, value, support and encourage parental involvement in making changes to reflect a healthy school nutrition environment. Include practical suggestions for school lunches and snacks in school newsletters, through collaboration with the Health Unit. When appropriate, nutrition education materials stressing the advantages of healthy eating behaviours will be distributed to staff, students and parents.

Trans Fat Standards

The trans fat content in food, beverages and ingredients sold in school must not exceed 5% of the total fat content. (Principal may designate 10 exemption days for special events)